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Annual Maintenance Contract Complete Asset Management

We offer annual maintenance service to our client on contract basis. We take complete care of your assets so that you can focus on your core business. Right from the audit of assets to segregation of repairable stocks to tagging of repaired ones using saffron tag process, Repair of worn-out pallets- We manage all. We are a pool of talented and skilled personnel who are working together with a mission of client satisfaction.

We work in optimized working conditions that encourage our team to work more efficiently and fulfill the orders within the stipulated timeframe. EXZOD’s specialist will visit your manufacturing facility to conduct the professional inventory control program to manage the accuracy and precision of the stock. Latest technology and our proper indexing system will help you in organizing your entire asset management in a very organized manner. We are here to take care of your assets and alleviate you from all the worries related to it.

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The fastest way to meet your business requirements Outsourcing


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